Xiaomi MiMax touch glasses - 800,000 e genuine Polaroid
There's also a guest model number such as:
Rather touch M4C ₫ 750,000 Xiaomi
Xiaomi Mi 2 induction Rather ₫ 400,000
Xiaomi Mi 3 Replace touch ₫ 550,000
Xiaomi Mi 4 induction Rather ₫ 650,000
Xiaomi Mi Note Replace touch ₫ 500,000
Rather Xiaomi touch Mi2A ₫ 500,000
Rather Xiaomi touch Mi2S ₫ 500,000
Rather induction 600,000 e Xiaomi Note redmi
Rather touch redmi Xiaomi Note 2 ₫ 700,000
Rather touch redmi Xiaomi Note 3 Pro ₫ 0
Xiaomi MI5 touch glasses ₫ 900,000
Replace glass touch redmi Xiaomi Note 3 750,000 e
Replace Full touchscreen Xiaomi Mi2a the M2a ₫ 700,000
Rather touchscreen Xiaomi redmi Full of ₫ 800,000
Rather touchscreen Xiaomi 1S Full sets redmi ₫ 1,000,000
Rather Xiaomi MI2 screen full of ₫ 700,000
Rather full screen of Xiaomi Note 2 ₫ 1,000,000 redmi
Rather screen Xiaomi MI5 entirety ₫ 1,800,000
Rather screen Xiaomi 3 ₫ 800,000
Rather screen redmi Xiaomi Note 3 ₫ 1,500,000
Xiaomi touch glasses MiMax strict accordance with procedures prescribed by Xiaomi. FIXME specialized Rather Xiaomi touch glass, glass touch Rather cheap MiMax wait Xiaomi taken on the day
Replace glass touch by Xiaomi Xiaomi genuine MiMax producer. Rather MiMax glass touch front Xiaomi customers and in accordance with the standard procedure prescribed substitute Xiaomi. Customers See our technical Rather MiMax Xiaomi touch glass and waited taken right within the glass touch Rather Xiaomi MiMax from 2-4 hours.
Severe cases, no components we will get back to the machine and notify the specific time for your customer to arrange a reasonable time.
You are allowed to require employees to sign your name on the motherboard, battery and other components ... on your machine before sending the machine to the customer at the center can not be reassuring to see live .
Customers should note how data collection, remove sim, memory cards at home before coming to the center. We are not responsible for the data, simcard, customer card.
Warranty period from 1 to 12 months accordance with our warranty below. Rather genuine glass touch of Xiaomi Xiaomi in Ho Chi Minh.
Please call us immediately to be replaced quickly.
Phone: 0888.888.652 Meet Men.
Address: No. 53 D5, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCM
AndroidPIT-Xiaomi MI-5-PRO-10-w782.jpgThay-glass touch screen is a site specializing in repair of Fixme.vn touchscreen
1. The reason you have to touch the glass Xiaomi Rather MiMax
There are many causes damage during MiMax Xiaomi users. Change forces us to touch the glass MiMax Xiaomi. Some reasons you may encounter are:
Xiaomi user dropped to the ground or down MiMax hard objects makes your Xiaomi unavailable MiMax which must Rather Xiaomi glass touch MiMax
Because users do fall into the water.
Being heavy object on.
Blurred by scratches.
Long should you want to use the touch glass Xiaomi Rather MiMax
2. Replace the glass touch Xiaomi MiMax
Maybe some of you will be very confused when his MiMax Xiaomi damaged. Then you will pose questions such as:
Xiaomi MiMax glasses genuine touch where?
Replace glass touch MiMax Xiaomi has not lost much money? And there is not time consuming?
Xiaomi MiMax touch glasses in any reputable store?
After induction glass Xiaomi Rather MiMax not get as good as new?
Warranty Replacement glass touch MiMax how Xiaomi
With the above questions then we suggest for you a prestigious address in Ho Chi Minh is Thaykinhmanhinhcamung.com Being specialized repair center - Warranty Xiaomi devices in the most prestigious area of ​​Ho Chi Minh. Repair Centre prestigious brands on the market long. We are committed to Replace glass induction in Replacement Glass Xiaomi Phone MiMax HCM:
Rather guaranteed right MiMax glass touch Xiaomi Xiaomi production company.
Skilled technical staff. Enthusiasm, dedication to customers.
Repair, replacement directly, taking only 2 hours machines.
You get direct observations technicians Xiaomi Rather MiMax glass touch you.
Low cost and excellent warranty. Price Change Xiaomi MiMax glass touch is our regularly updated to ensure maximum customer benefit. You can also refer to the price of other services at the address of the store Thaykinhmanhinhcamung.com
Carefully preserved machines, each machine are numbered and put in separate boxes. Avoid flipped and lost your components.
Using thermal vacuum molding technology is completely automated. Absolute support closed room dust free during pressed glass cup took place. Use dry glue absolutely no bubble, completely transparent like new, absolutely not yellowed, discolored or misaligned chromosomes compared to the initial screen.
Receive promotions, and discounts on behalf of the latter glass products in our stores.
3. Replace the glass induction process at Thaykinhmanhinhcamung.com Xiaomi MiMax
Step 1: Collaborators receive customer phone and hear a presentation on the machine.
Step 2: Collaborators inside center will check all the customer's phone
Step 3: Start the client machines be removed and perform touch glass Xiaomi Rather MiMax
Step 4: Once the glass touch Rather MiMax Xiaomi completed, customers are guided test and re-test the machine.
Step 5: We conducted stamped BH bond new screen
4. Replacement Warranty conditions at Thaykinhmanhinhcamung.com Xiaomi glass touch:
Warranty period from 1 to 12 months
Thaykinhmanhinhcamung.com parts only warranty repair customers in our stores.
No warranty conditions thrilling machine, dropped, no water or have repaired elsewhere, ...
No warranty other functions that we do not repair.
Receive and pay after 12h00 everyday warranty.
Note: - Please check the machine before leaving the center.
5. For customers who do not want to Replace HCM Xiaomi glass touch MiMax
Customers please call us or see website for prices on replacement cost products.
Clients please carefully packaged and sent us to the address: 53 D5, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC. Nguyen Hoang Nam, Telephone: 0888.888.652 and call or text to let us know that you have sent goods.
Other forms of transportation that our clients often use such as: Post, Viettel Post, Kerry Express, garage, ... Send customer fee payments.
Upon receipt of the goods we will quote the price situation and confirm back to you again, if your consent we will conduct replacement - repair. When finished we will notify the customer.
You'll Pay for our repair fees by Funds Transfer into their accounts toi.So Vietcombank TK: 0421000477814 | Nguyen Hoang Nam. With content is your phone number.
After the transfer please inform us check. After receiving the money we will carefully package and ship the request and notify customers. Shipment fee we will pay for you.
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Address: No. 53 D5, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCM
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